Construction Plans Revealed for Etowah Sports Complex

A state of the art sports complex will soon be undergoing construction in Etowah County. During a press conference today, sports complex authority members announced their plans on where and how the mega complex is going to be constructed. The Authority owns 139 acres of land off highway 77 which will now become an extension of Lindsey Street.

Some adjoining property owned by Rainbow City will also be used for the complex project. State Representative Craig Ford explained that without increasing any revenue and only using current taxes, the county is excited that this is happening. Ford also says that not only will the complex bring more business and visitors into the county, it will also redirect heavy traffic flow. Ford also says that the authority also plans for the sports complex to be built in phases. Soccer, softball, and baseball fields will be built in phase one because those sports attribute the most participation and produce revenue. The mega sports complex is estimated to cost $25 million.


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