Fire Prevention Week

Firefighters paid a visit to third graders at Kitty Stone Elementary to promote Fire Prevention Week. The Jacksonville Fire Department showed up to the school clothed in turnout gear, as if there was a real fire, so students could see what actual firefighters look and sound like. This was just one technique shown so children won’t be afraid of firefighters in the event of a real fire.

Fire safety tips were also reviewed with students such as what to do if a smoke detector goes off inside their home. The third graders got the opportunity to go outside for a up close and personal tour of a fire truck, the ladder truck, as well as some extra gear and equipment. Fire Marshall Lee Batey says out of all the informational training they do, informing children are among their top priority. Fire Marshall Batey says he hopes the children went home today more prepared and more aware of the do’s and don’ts when it comes down to how to react in a serious fire situation.


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