Oxford Performing Arts Center Renovations Phase One

Phase one of the renovations to the Oxford Performing Arts Center is almost complete, and TV24 gives you the first look at how the facility is coming together. With more than one million dollars invested in just the theatre itself, the performing arts center has new color palettes that go along with the 1920’s architecture of the building.

New lighting throughout the building also helps bring out some of the architectural detail within the walls. The center also has upgraded most of their technical equipment to help make certain transitions during Show time more time efficient.

At least 100 premium seats have been added inside the theatre to give guest a unique view. Out of all the new additions to the Performing Arts Center, Executive Director John Longshore shares what he thinks will be the new main attraction.

Longshore adds that once phase one is fully complete, phase two will begin underneath the theatre. That will consist of new concession areas, events space and new restrooms.


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