Retree Jacksonville Event Aims to Help Those Affected by Tornado

A special event will be held on Saturday in an effort to help rebuild the City of Jacksonville. Thousands of trees and shrubs will be given away to people who lost trees during the March 19th tornado.

Donations from Alabama Power, The Calhoun County Beautification Board and others made it possible for Retree Jacksonville to take place. Co-Chairman Sherry Blanton says she hopes this events helps to rebuild a sustainable urban forest in the community. Residents are limited to five items from 8am until 11:30am. People needing additional trees can return to pick up more after 11:30. Although this event is primarily for residents within the city limits of Jacksonville, the committee recently made the decision to share trees with county residents who are close to the city and also lost trees.

The communities of Angel Station, West Point, and Nance’s Creek can pick up trees from 12:30pm until 1:30pm. All residents will be asked to show proof of their home address upon picking up trees. For more information, visit Retree Jacksonville, Alabama’s Facebook page.


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