School Bus Safety Week

In honor of this week being National School Bus Safety Week, bus drivers throughout Calhoun County will be recognized for their outstanding job keeping students’ safe going to and from school on a daily basis. A bus driver’s biggest task is staying aware of other drivers who are not paying attention when a bus has come to a complete stop.

Oftentimes, drivers ignore the stop sign when a bus has stopped, not realizing that students are nearby waiting to cross to get home or get onto the bus. With daylight savings right around the corner, this will affect route pick up and drop off times. Transportation Director Banyon Allison explains why he believes it will affect people driving to and from work and how they can prepare to adjust to this future change.

Allison also tells TV24’s Danny Vaughn that he is extremely proud of all Calhoun County bus drivers for remaining alert, and safely transporting more than 5,000 students to and from school safely.


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