School System Partners with Southern Classics Restaurant

The Talladega County School System has announced their partnership with Southern Classics Restaurant and Catering to better educate students on more nutritious meals and learn hands-on entrepreneurial skills. The Southern Classics Restaurant will be Farm-To-Table which will offer customers a wide variety of fresh seasonal food choices. This will help students better understand where our food comes from all while teaching them how to properly grow their own, reducing food insecurity.

The Talladega City School System will also be in charge of marketing, and social media support for the restaurant. Jacksonville State University Culinary Arts Program will participate in this partnership by rotating student chefs.

The chefs will offer their own personal dishes as specialties on the menu. President and Owner of Southern Classics Donnie Walker says this was once his mother’s dream and he is excited to see how well this partnership goes. The restaurant will be located on the corner where Eastaboga intersects Highway 21. Walker adds that Southern Classics is expected to open November 5th and will operate Monday through Friday from 10am until 2pm.


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