Know Your Amendments - Amendment 2

Alabama’s state constitution is the longest constitution in the world. Voters will decide a week from today if that constitution will get longer. Four new Amendments will be on the back sides of your ballots November the 6th and Alabamians have to vote yay or nay to each. Beginning tonight on TV24, we will look at each Amendment as you prepare to head to the voting polls.

Today we focus on Amendment Two, which would add language to the state constitution supporting the sanctity of unborn life and the rights of unborn children. It includes a section supporting the right to life in all manners and measures appropriate and lawful.

If it passes, Amendment Two would also state that Alabama does not protect the right to an abortion or require the funding of an abortion. Political Science and History Instructor Doctor Richard Dobbs explains the potential effects the of the amendment if voting into the constitution. Make sure you tune in next Tuesday right here on TV 24 Primetime news live at 9pm for all your local election day updates.


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