Know Your Amendments - Amendment Three

How many more changes can Alabama voters squeeze into the world’s longest constitution? We’ll find out next Tuesday as four proposed amendments will be considered statewide. This week, we’re looking at each of those proposals to help you decide whether to vote yea or nay. Tonight we focus on Amendment Three, which would make some changes in the structure of the University of Alabama’s Board of Trustees.

Specifically, it would lock in the current seven legislative districts from which board members are selected, so any future changes in Alabama’s delegation because of population shifts would have no impact on the number of people serving on the university board. It also removes the state superintendent as an automatic member of the board, and it would allow board members to continue serving after they turn 70 years old.

Remember to join us next Tuesday night, November 6, at 9pm for a look at all of the local election results across East Central Alabama, right here on TV24 Primetime News.


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