Get Up, Get Out, & Go Get It

Students at Jacksonville High School spent part of their day today getting encouraging words through the FOCUS Program from a motivational speaker who is known to relate to students very well. Jacksonville High students split into two groups in order to listen to a special presentation put together by Doctor Laymon Hicks. Doctor Hicks is a professional youth motivational speaker who has spoken in front of half a million students throughout 46 states.

Recently, the motivational speaker published a book titled,‘N Laymon’s Terms.’ Through his presentation and book, Doctor Hicks talks about the struggles most teenagers go through, and how to overcome them. The students loved how the presentation was encouraging, relatable, and often times filled with laughter. Journey Spears and Josh Bell are seniors at Jacksonville and both express what this assembly has helped them realize.

During his presentation speech, Doctor Hicks shared personal experiences with bullying, depression, and abandonment. The motivational speaker then spoke about how he overcame those obstacles thrown at him as he calls it ‘the road to redemption.’ Doctor Hicks says he hopes that students and even staff members walked away with a change of heart.

To wrap up Red Ribbon Week, as a special gift, Doctor Hicks presented seniors with a copy of his book and signed each one. Other students will get a copy in the coming days. Layman also hung around throughout lunch and allowed students and faculty members the opportunity to speak with him.


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