Anniston Soup Bowl Serving Holiday Meals to Less Fortunate

This season is all about giving back and for the Anniston Soup Bowl, it’s known as one of the busiest times of the year. Many church members and volunteers from all over Calhoun County have been spending their free time at the Anniston Soup Bowl preparing and serving meals to the less fortunate.

With this being Thanksgiving week, holiday meals have begun being prepared and served to those who won’t be able to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. Westwood Baptist Church has members to volunteer at the soup bowl every six weeks for more than four years. Rick Robins says he wouldn’t want to spend his free time anywhere else.

Although the Soup Bowl will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, they will be serving hot meals before and after the holidays to help spread love and joy across Calhoun County. If you would like to volunteer at the Anniston Soup Bowl stop by their building located at 301 West 15th Street during regular business hours.


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