Holiday Fire Prevention Safety Tips from the Anniston Fire Department

During the holiday season, people are preparing dinners in the kitchen to feed their families. While this shared as a joyous time filled with fun, laughter, and love, it’s important that you remember cooking and heating safety tips to ensure you and your family have a safe and memorable holiday. The Anniston Fire Department has holiday safety tips for residents to be cautious about. While entertaining guest and family members, you should never leave food on stove tops unattended.

Firefighters respond to a large number of fires during the holidays because more people are cooking in their kitchens for a considerable amount of time. Lit candles should be in areas where pets or children can’t reach or knock over. Fire Marshall Jeff Waldrep says in his 24 years with the fire department, one of the main reasons a fire starts in a home around the holidays is because people don’t take care of their Christmas trees properly.

Fire Marshall Waldrep also shares his concerns about people correctly using space heaters in their homes. Waldrep wants to also remind you to make sure all smoke detectors are working correctly and have fresh batteries.


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