Samco Reopens After Tornado in Jacksonville

The City of Jacksonville is continuing to rebuild with resilience after a tornado ripped through the town months ago. Earlier today, a local gas station that was destroyed by the tornado reopened its doors. Located just steps from the campus of JSU, the Samco off Highway 204 has served the area since 2000.

On March 19th, a tornado completely destroyed the gas station, fortunately, no employees or customers were hurt. The new Samco has a new look, more parking for customers, and a variety of snacks and other items inside the gas station. The president of Samco says this Jacksonville location was one of his first stations within the area, so it holds a special place in his heart.

City Administrator Bert Grant believes that one of the greatest things about Jacksonville is the people, and how they come together as a team in times of need. Students and residents are very excited about the convenience store reopening and the employees are even more excited to be back at work.


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