EMA Awarded with Two Grants

The Calhoun County Emergency Management Agency has been awarded with two grants that totals $57,000. The Calhoun County EMA houses a regional communications vehicle that responds to disasters and other emergency needs statewide. The first grant award was in the amount of $7,000 that will go directly towards the continuous maintenance and upkeep of this operations vehicle.

By the responding vehicle being housed in Calhoun County, it is beneficial to the county and other areas locally by having it readily accessible. $50,000 has also been awarded to the EMA for safety and security equipment upgrades for Anniston Sewer and Water Works. EMA Director Michael Barton explains what the upgrades will do for the Sewer and Water System.

Barton says he hopes to start implementing the grants soon and have the upgrades to the Sewer and Water system completed within the next several months.


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