Pearl Harbor Day Honors at Berman Museum

77 years ago today, more than 2,300 American soldiers were killed during the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Which ultimately lead the United States’ entry into World War two. Today, we celebrate and honor the men and women who died and were wounded while fighting for our country during this attack. Inside the Berman Museum there is a Pearl Harbor room where guests can learn about the planning that led up to the attack, what took place during the attack, and the aftermath.

Three men from Calhoun County lost their lives during the attack on Pearl Harbor and this room honors their legacy. Seaman second class William Roberts, Frank Hindman and George Ingram each have personal items and artifacts on display inside the Pearl Harbor room. During the reconstruction of this room that took place over the summer, the museum obtained the largest piece of the USS Arizona ever given out from the US Navy along with other historical pieces that dates back to December 7th, 1941.

Saturday, the museum will be hosting a “Remembering Pearl Harbor” gallery chat for anyone wanting to learn more about what transpired during the day of the attack. The gallery chat is included in museum admission.


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