Insurance Company & Nonprofit Host Blood Drive for Elijah Cook

LifeSouth Community Blood Centers partnered with Farmers Insurance of Jacksonville to host a blood drive for a young boy battling Sickle Cell Anemia. Elijah Cook is a first grader who loves to go to school and play the piano in his free time. Elijah has a disease called Sickle Cell Anemia that often times hinders him from doing the things he loves because he is in so much pain. However, blood transfusions help with that pain, adding healthy red blood cells into his body, allowing him to live a normal life.

Volunteers who came to donate blood earlier today gave up to one unit of blood, which equals 16 ounces. With there being no cure for the Sickle Cell Disease, the blood donations are going to of tremendous help for Elijah, his family, and other sickle cell patients in the area.

Today’s blood drive will directly benefit Elijah along with many others in the near future. To find out how you can donate, visit


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