New LIVE Data Center for Teachers at Anniston High School

Anniston High recently opened a data center for teachers to keep a closer eye on their students’ grades. The LIVE Data Center will store all academic information on each student in one location for teachers to reference too and also use when lesson planning. The room has white boards and a giant monitor screen for teachers to pull up any student’s test scores, and grades from other classes and studies.

Every week, the grades are updated so teachers have a better understanding on what their student is struggling with and then plan how they can possibly help each student. Studying each students’ ACT or SAT practice scores helps teachers knowing exactly what they are struggling with and how to provide a solution for it. Principal Gregory also says that he is extremely proud that the high school, as a whole, is progressively moving forward. The teacher-only space has received positive result from local schools such as White Plains Middle School. Students and teachers at Anniston High School are looking forward to seeing how the LIVE data room will have a positive impact on their learning.


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