Shocking Rise in Number of Teens Vaping

A report published by the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research shows the number of teens using drugs and alcohol has went down. But, there’s a new concern about teens vaping. In the latest ‘Monitoring the Future Report’, nearly 40% of high school seniors have tried vaping with nicotine, marijuana, or flavoring in the past year. Vaping is the use of electronic cigarettes, hookah, and other devices used to inhale vapors or aerosols. This trend is now the second most frequently used substance after alcohol by teens.

Although alcohol use is still rated as the most frequently used, drugs and alcohol use is still the lowest it has been in years. Last month, the United States Food and Drug Administration announced an effort to ban most flavored vape liquids from being sold inside of gas stations. Leaving them to soon only be sold in vape and tobacco shops. This change was made after manufacturers began targeting teens in its ad campaigns.


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