Educator Workforce Day

Nearly 200 teachers in Cleburne County toured several business and industry sites as part of Educator Workforce Day. East Alabama Works teamed up with Cleburne County School Systems, the Heflin Industrial Development Board, and the County Chamber of Commerce to host a one day Educator Workforce Day. The teachers visited facilities that specialize in manufacturing, construction, distribution, and packaging. Workforce Day allows teachers to get a better idea of what businesses and industries are looking for in potential workers.

Teachers will then be able to go back into the classroom to better supply workers with the skills necessary to be productive employees in the workforce upon graduation. Kem Hester is an Instructor at the Cleburne County Career Technical School who shares why he believes this Workforce Day is so important. Hester added that the teachers really enjoyed the business and industry tours throughout Talladega, Calhoun, and Cleburne Counties.


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