Riverview Regional Medical Center RQI Kickoff

A medical center located in Gadsden is now the first acute care hospital in the state to implement a program for all employees to recertify in CPR right at the hospital. The Resuscitation Quality Improvement program is a new and innovative program that has transformed the way hospitals view its ability to do CPR successfully.

Hospital staff are required to attend CPR class once every two years, but science has proven that CPR skills begin to fade in as little as three months. This new program allows staff members to practice their CPR skills on a hospital floor using real-time audio-visual feedback to achieve and maintain high-quality skills. Clinical Educator Sandra Lee says staff members will have 24/7 access to the RQI mannequin. Sherry Fryman says this will not only help save the lives of patients inside the hospital, but outside as well. Lee says that staff members are proud to be a part of the first hospital in the state to implement the RQI program.


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