Merrill Hall Scheduled to be Demolished

Jacksonville State University will soon begin demolishing academic buildings that were severely affected by the March 19th tornado. Plans to demolish Merrill Hall will begin on February 11th. The demolition of the business and industry building was scheduled for last summer, but it was postponed due to insurance claims issues. An insurance adjuster offered the university less than it deserved in order to rebuild Merrill Hall.

The university decided not to agree to the low proof of loss amount and were hesitant about demolishing it. JSU still has not agreed on a Proof of Loss amount with its insurance company but has decided to move forward with the process of rebuilding the business building.

University Spokesperson Buffy Lockette says JSU looks to have students returning back to Merrill by the beginning of the 2021 spring semester. Until then, Business and Industry students will continue taking classes inside of the old Kitty Stone Elementary School Building that the university owns.


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