Gentlemen Classes at Piedmont Elementary School

Several men within the Piedmont Community paid a visit to the elementary school to show young men how to be gentlemen. Fifth grade boys at Piedmont Elementary will learn lifelong lessons over a course of five weeks.

Today, students learned how to tie a tie. Community members donated ties for the boys to practice on during the day. Teaching fifth graders how to properly tie a tie teaches them how to look presentable for a future job interview, date, and more. Principal Brigett Stewart came up with the concept of the gentlemen classes. Stewart says her overall goal is to ensure her students have life skills that are incorporated into the classrooms.

The following classes for the young men will consist of how to properly shake hands with one another, table manners, how to open doors for woman and more. After the five week class is up, a banquet will follow where the fifth grade boys will invite their mothers or another significant female in their life to show off the life lessons they learned.


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