Senate Could End Partial Gov. Shutdown

The senate will have two chances to end the partial government shutdown Thursday with dual proposals. As we head into day 34 of the shutdown, both Republicans and Democrats are focused on completely re-opening the government.

The White House will offer a proposal that involves a temporary protection plan from deportation to some immigrants and funds a border barrier. The democratic plan suggests that the government reopens through the month of February while holding immigration reform talks. Each proposal will need 60 or more votes to advance.

FBI Agents are reporting to the agents association that several critical investigations are now suffering because of the shutdown. This could potentially put national security at risk. Association President Tom O’Connor says although they can’t do their jobs well and some are struggling to feed their families, they are still doing everything they can. If the government does not reopen by Thursday, it could cost the country nearly $6 billion according to global ratings.


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