CALCO Commission Speaks with Community About Cheaha Regional Humane Society

During today’s Calhoun County Commission meeting, emotions were high as community members let their voices be heard regarding the Cheaha Regional Humane Society. The County Commission voted late last year to take back animal control operations. This has many people concerned about the series of changes in its operation.

According to commissioners, their reasoning for not renewing the yearly contract with the Cheaha Regional Humane Society cannot be publicly discussed. However, there is an overwhelming population of animals within the county and state. Commissioners have planned to go with a metro concept regarding to how animal control operations will be ran once handed back to the county.

Despite commissioners not being able to give all the answers on how animal control will be operated, Commissioner Fred Wilson says the commission is here to work with the community. The county is currently in the process of staffing positions to operate animal control at the shelter.

The commission also says that despite Alabama law stating that animals have to be held a minimum of seven days, the county intends to hold the animals for an additional period of time while adoption or rescue options are explored.

The county resumes animal control operations on March 1st.


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