Etowah County Detention Center Shakedown

After just a few days of being Sheriff, a shakedown took place inside the Etowah County Detention Center, and dozens of inmates could face additional charges. Etowah County Sheriff Jonathon Horton says the main reason for the shakedown was to eliminate a lot of soft contraband items that inmates weren’t allowed to have. Not only did they find things like food, cellphones, and ropes, deputies and corrections officers also found weapons and drugs.

Sheriff Horton blames the primary cause of this on the jail undergoing renovation. Out of the more than 300 cell locks in the detention center, Horton explains that nearly 200 of them do not work. This makes it extremely hard for a corrections officer to keep inmates under control like they should be able to. Sheriff Horton says this is not safe for his staff members or the inmates.

Horton says it has been two years since the detention center had a complete shakedown. Until renovations are complete, officers will conduct random searches and takeaway inmate privileges if they are found with any kind of contraband items that aren’t allowed.


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