Advantage Plus Seminar Gives Local Students Opportunity to Learn Unique Skills

Piedmont High School hosted its 5th annual Advantage Plus seminar earlier today to educate seniors on skills that will help them get ahead in the workforce and more. The 2019 graduating class at Piedmont High School spent the day learning unique skills from professionals within the community.

Business owners, college professors, and bankers were some of the professionals who taught students how to establish good advertising qualities, build resumes, budget funds, and much more. Kaedon Jenkins is a senior at Piedmont and he says he would recommend this seminar to all senior classes.

Adam Clemons has been the Principal at Piedmont High for six years. Clemons believes that the skills students learned today will not only help them land their dream jobs, but create a host of other opportunities. Clemsons says 86 seniors participated in today’s Advantage Plus Seminar and he hopes the skills taught today will last for a lifetime.


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