Leadership Calhoun County and Youth Leadership Calhoun County Tour Judicial Facilities

Law enforcement officers and other safety personnel risk their lives on a daily basis to protect the people in our communities. The Calhoun County Area Chamber and Business Center held a Law and Justice Day so people could get a glimpse of what a day is like for justice and safety personnel.

Leadership and Youth Leadership Calhoun County members spent the day learning about the judicial system along with everyday issues law enforcement officers face. Youth leaders toured the Calhoun County Jail and courthouse to learn about what it takes to keep our area safe. Sarah Howell is a junior at Oxford High School who enjoyed the Law and Justice Day tours. Andy Green is an employee at Jacksonville State who truly appreciates the Leadership Calhoun County Program.

Leadership members got the opportunity to speak with Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade, Oxford Chief of Police Bill Partridge, District Attorney Brian McVeigh, and more.


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