Girl Scout Troops Collecting "Cookies from the Heart"

Girl Scout Cookie season is here and one local troop has given “Cookies from the Heart” a new meaning. During this week, Cookies from the Heart Program calls for troops all over to pick an organization to collect donated cookies for.

The Oxford Girl Scout Troop decided to create their own sponsorship level and certificate for families and businesses. For each donation, a certificate is given. The Oxford Troop has already sold more than 400 boxes of cookies that will be given to the National Guard.

If you would like to be a part of the “Cookies from the Heart Program” the Oxford Troop will be located at the Oxford Walmart this Saturday from 9am until 12pm. On Sunday, the troops will be stationed at the Anniston Walmart from 9am until 6pm. Girl Scout Cookie Season will end on March 16th. To find out where a Girl Scout Cookie booth is near you, visit


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