'The Devil All The Time' Film Production Coming to Calhoun County

A big movie is expected to be filmed in Calhoun County within a matter of weeks and the entire community is thrilled. The film production titled, ‘The Devil All The Time’ will be using locations in Anniston and Jacksonville. Not much information as to what the film will be about has yet to be released. However, stars set to be in the film are Sebastian Stan, Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, and more.

Longleaf Studios has the largest soundstage in the state and is minutes from Jacksonville State University. This will be one of the filming locations for the movie. The former Jacksonville Police Station is also expected to be used. The Peerless Saloon in addition to a gas station will also be filming locations. Longleaf Director Pete Conroy says it’s a wonderful feeling to finally see this area get the recognition it deserves. Conroy says what excites him the most it that the entire community and state will benefit in a positive way from this production. Filmmakers who spend more than half a million dollars in the state receive a 20% rebate. Conroy says this is the biggest production to make its way to Calhoun County and he believes it will only grow from here.


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