Etowah County Detention Center Temporarily Bans E-Cigarettes After Contraband Incident

Etowah County deputies and correction officers recently performed another shakedown at the jail after a person was seen attaching a package to a rope made of trash bags outside the jail. That rope had been lowered from a cell block on an upper floor.

Deputies were able to retrieve the package before it made it into the building. But, what was found during that shakedown caused Sheriff Horton to suspend certain privileges for 72 hours. Sheriff Horton tells TV24 that in one of the cell blocks, officers discovered a melted window and cut grate shaped into a hole. This hole could have been the provided entry for the package. Horton believes that E-cigarettes are the cause of the melted window.

Inmates can buy E-cigarettes at the jail’s commissary and can alter the batteries into makeshift lighters in order to melt the window. Sheriff Horton says he has suspended E-cigarette sales for 72 hours. If any further facility damage is caused by E-cigarettes, a 15 day suspension will follow. A third violation will permanently suspend E-cigarettes from being sold at the commissary.


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