Flooding Across Cherokee County

Areas along the Coosa River in Cherokee County are continuing to suffer due to flooding. Drivers in those areas should use extreme caution during this type of weather. Also be aware of debris that may be on the roads due to the fast running water. This includes rocks, tree limbs and even downed trees. Because surface soil conditions are already saturated, low lying areas, ditches and creeks are filling up very quickly, also causing flooding issues.

According to the National Weather Service in Birmingham, the Coosa River at Weiss Dam is expected to rise more than 567 feet by Sunday morning. Several roads in Cherokee County are closed and deemed impassable according to Cherokee County EMA. Those roads that a re listed are shown above.

Roads deemed impassable in that area include, County Road 144 in Cedar Bluff, portions of County Roads 432 and 450, Park Street in Centre, and several more. Do not try and drive through flooded roads that are closed off, you are encouraged to find alternate routes so that you may arrive to your destination safely. As we receive more rain throughout the weekend, more roads could be added to this list.


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