EF4 Tornado Kills 23 People in Lee County

23 people were killed, including at least three children, and dozens more people were injured after tornadoes devastated parts of Lee County in East Alabama.

Right now, the Lee County Coroner’s office is working to identify six of the 23 tornado victims. According to the associated press, The National Weather Service confirmed the tornado that touched down in the town of Beauregard had at least an EF4 ranking and a track at least half-a-mile wide.

Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones says the tornado traveled straight down a county road into the Beauregard community Sunday afternoon. Dozens of emergency crews from all over the state joined search and rescue efforts earlier today.

The nearby town of Smiths Station was also impacted by a tornado yesterday afternoon. No deaths were reported but the Mayor says 2 people were injured and 24 homes were damaged. This same line of storms in Lee County went on to cause damage in Georgia and Florida.


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