Water Levels Beginning to Return to Normal in Cherokee County

Weiss Lake water levels in Cherokee County are now below full poole and officials are continuing to conduct property damage assessments. However, the road to recovery for Cherokee County will be a journey. Although Weiss Lake is officially measured at 564 feet, residents within the area are still being advised to not enter into the water.

A debris management plan is currently being established by the Cherokee County Emergency Management Agency to ensure the debris in the water is handle properly. Rogers also says that dozens of property owners near Weiss Lake are missing sewage holding tanks as a result from flooding waters received more than a week ago.

With flood waters continuing to recede, missing and found sewage holding tanks need to be reported to the Cherokee County Health Department. If you are missing a tank, you will then need to give the environmentalist your name, address, contact number, and your holding tank decal number if possible.

If you are calling to report a sewage holding tank found on your property, you will need to call the health department and provide the decal number noted on the holding tank.


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