New Flyer Unveils New Fuel Cell Electric Busses

The largest bus manufacturer in the country has unveiled its new fuel cell electric heavy duty transit busses that qualifies for federal funding. The X-Celsior Charge H2TM transit busses are the first to successfully complete the Federal Transit Administration Model Bus Testing Program.

Built in Anniston, the 40 and 60 foot cell-electric busses use environmentally-friendly hydrogen and fuel cell technology to create electricity and charge batteries for an extended period of time. With a range of 300 miles, the bus can be refueled in 6-20 minutes depending on the model and operating conditions.

This New Flyer creation requires no overnight plug-in for electrical re-charge and, the only tailpipe output is clean water vapor. 25 fuel cell-electric busses are currently being delivered to California as part of a statewide initiative that is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, strengthen the economy, and improve public health and the environment.


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