Calhoun County Commission Agrees on Land Transfer for Horse Riding Trail

Calhoun County Commissioners have agreed to support a land transfer to the Backwoods Horseman of Alabama. This means that a horse riding trail could soon be created in Calhoun County. Approximately 840 acres of land has agreed to be transferred over to the Backwoods Horseman of Alabama through a tenancy agreement by the county commission.

Once the agreement is approved by the McClellan Development Authority, construction for a horse riding trail will soon begin and it would be completely funded by Backwoods Horseman of Alabama. Not only will this trail add to the list of wonderful outdoor activities in the area, this will also help bring business to Calhoun County and other surrounding areas.

Hodges says once the MDA Board approves this agreement, it will then come back to the County Commission for a final approval. Construction is expected to begin as early as next month.


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