Piedmont Elementary Teaching Girls to be Bulldog Belles

Piedmont Elementary School has recently been in the spotlight for going the extra mile teaching students how to be gentlemen in and outside the classroom. Now, 5th grade girls are learning the importance of becoming “Bulldog Belles.”

Belles stands for beautiful, extraordinary, loyal, leaders, encouraging, and success. For five weeks, Piedmont fifth grade girls will participate in several classes that will teach them about manners, health, hygiene and more. Today kicked off the class series with a whole body physical fitness class called pound. This fitness class teaches students about the importance of being active and what it does for one's health.

Because the fifth grade girls were so excited to begin taking the classes, they helped establish the name, “Bulldog Belles.” However, this encouraging program would not be possible without the help and support from the community.

To conclude the five week program, the girls will participate in a Tea Formal event at Elevated Grounds Coffee Shop. The Bulldog Belles are currently in need of sponsors in addition to tea sets donations. If you would like to sponsor a child or make a donation, contact Piedmont Elementary’s front office or visit the school’s Facebook page.


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