Noccalula Falls and Black Creek Have New Fish

Noccalula Falls Park will now offer fly fishing for visitors. Earlier today, the Rainbow Fly Fishing Club and the City of Gadsden stocked the Black Creek at Noccalula Falls Park with fish and have plans to add more later this summer. Copper Nose Bream fish were put into the water earlier today as members of the community stood by to watch in excitement.

This is the first of many stocking opportunities for Black Creek at Noccalula Falls. The Rainbow Fly Fishing Club suggested Copper Nose Bream be among the first to be added into the water to make it easier for children to catch. Representative Craig Lipscomb says this is a great opportunity for everyone to be involved in.

Towards the end of this summer, The Rainbow Fly Fishing Club has plans of adding another type of fish into the waters that has community members excited. To find out more about fly fishing at Noccalula Falls Park and The Rainbow Fly Fishing Club, visit the Noccalula Falls website.


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