County Commissioners Tour Land for Horse Riding Trail

The Calhoun County Commission and McClellan Development Authority have officially approved the land transfer to the Back Country Horsemen of Alabama. This means a horse riding trail will soon be located in Calhoun County. Shortly after today’s commission meeting, commissioners toured the land where the horse riding trail will be built.

The MDA agreed to transfer approximately 901 acres of land over to the county so the Back Country Horsemen Association can begin constructing the trail. So far, the association has trail designs for up to 20 miles, with plans to add more. The Back Country Horsemen have agreed to build and maintain the trails while allowing local residents and tourists to ride on them. This outdoor project is expected to bring a lot of positivity and tourism to the county. Vice President Charlotte Alford says this project will offer a lot more than just trails. Alford tells TV24 that construction will begin this Saturday and will focus on the existing 12 miles of roads that are currently there.


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