FDA Wants to Improve Mammography Standards

The Food and Drug Administration wants to improve and modernize Mammogram screenings for women. There hasn’t been a change to the x-ray technology in more than 20 years. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women and the second leading cause of cancer death. A mammogram helps thousands of women detect breast cancer early on. To help improve the screening process, the FDA wants to provide patients with information about breast density.

Dense breast tissue in women can make the results of a mammogram harder to read and interpret. Advances in 3D digital screening will help doctors and patients spot abnormalities hidden by that dense tissue. The FDA also wants to improve doctor to patient communication by expanding the categories that are used to classify the mammogram results.

With these modifications and improvements, the FDA believes it will lead to more precise findings in addition to patients and doctors making a more informed decision about their healthcare.


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