Pinwheels to Celebrate Child Abuse Prevention Month

Tuesday, April 2, 2019


April is recognized as Child Abuse Prevention Month. To provide awareness about this nationwide issue, the Calhoun-Cleburne Children’s Center has decorated the lawn of a doctor’s office with hundreds of pinwheels.  A total of 467 pinwheels were planted in the ground today to represent children that have been interviewed in the past year regarding child abuse allegations.


The pinwheels are located on Highway 21 in front of Doctor David Chandler’s office. For the entire month of April, as people drive by these pinwheels, they will be reminded that child abuse does occur in this area, and we can do something to stop it. Young says its important for children to know and understand when something is happening to them that is not ok.

If you or anyone you know suspects that a child is being abused physically or sexually, you are encouraged to be a hero, and call your local law enforcement department, DHR, or contact the Calhoun-Cleburne Children’s Center.


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