National Work Zone Awareness - Week 1

Tuesday, April 9, 2019


This week begins National Work Zone Awareness Week in the state. As work zone crashes and fatalities on state roads continue to rise, the Alabama Department of Transportation wants to remind motorists to slow down and stay alert in work zones. This year’s National Work Zone Awareness theme is “Drive Like You Work Here.”


This is to remind drivers that everyone is responsible for work zone safety. According to ALDOT, a common misconception is that most of those killed in work zone crashes are workers. Statistics show that four out of every five of those killed are motorists. ALDOT has provided several tips for driving safely in work zones. Check your traffic route to see if there is construction work zones to allow yourself extra time to get to your destination.


Drive alert, look for highway workers, reduced speed limits, and narrow driving lanes. Keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you, don’t tailgate and watch for large trucks. To find out more information, visit the Department of Transportation website shown on your screen.


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