Committee Formed to Solve County Jail Problems

Calhoun County Commissioners held a commission meeting earlier today and one of the main topics of discussion were problems within the county jail. A committee has been formed between the county jail and commissioners to help improve the safety of jail staffers and inmates.

One problem the Calhoun County Sheriff Office has dealt with for quite some time now is not having enough workers at the county jail. This problem mainly stems from staffers not getting the appropriate salary. Although a price raise has been put in place, this is still an issue. Sheriff Matthew Wade spoke to commissioners during today’s meeting to help lay out a plan on how issues should go about being fixed.

The newly formed committee will meet with other counties to get an insight on how its jail was built and funded. Sheriff Wade believes that in order to ensure that inmates are properly taken care of and staffers are protected, the commissioners and sheriff's office needs each other.


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