Rock Steady Boxing Program to Fight Against Parkinson's Disease at the YMCA

Grab you boxing gloves because the YMCA of the Coosa Valley is taking the next step to fight against Parkinson’s disease with a new boxing program. Several YMCA members are battling Parkinson’s disease and have decided to continue doing things that make them feel better. After extensive research, one of the members found out about “Rock Steady Boxing.”

This program conditions members with Parkinson’s through non-contact boxing techniques that help improve their balance, speed, strength, and more. Judith Drew is a member at the Y who participates in the Steady Boxing Program and she believes this program will help improve the quality of life for anyone battling Parkinson’s.

Drew says the Y currently has two Rock Steady Boxing Programs with plans to add a third one. To find out more information on how the YMCA of the Coosa Valley is fighting against Parkinson’s, visit the Y’s Facebook or its Coosa Valley Facebook Page.


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