East Alabama Workforce Meeting Held to Discuss Development

Wednesday, April 17, 2019


The East Alabama Regional Workforce Council held its Quarterly workforce meeting today to discuss more ways to promote workforce development in the region. A guest speaker from the Alabama Industrial Development Training also shared the importance of bridging the gap between the community and workforce.


Less than three years ago, the state Legislature created the Apprenticeship-Alabama Program. This program offers a tax credit to companies that hire people who have learned a trade from a skilled employer through hands-on-training. Ed Castile, Deputy Secretary of the Alabama Department of Commerce was the guest speaker for the quarterly meeting. Castile also serves as the Director for the Alabama Industrial Development Training who took today’s meeting to shed light on all the benefits businesses and companies receive when the register to become apart of the Apprenticeship Program.


Castile says that since this program has launched, several thousand apprentices have been added, and he’s looking forward to the next step. Not only does this program benefit businesses and companies, it can also change the lives of many residents within our community who are looking for career opportunities.


To find out more about the Apprenticeship Program, visit www.madeinalabama.com.


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