Childhood Cancer Foundation

A family from Fruithurst is giving away one of their most prized possessions in order to raise money for families struggling with medical bills and expenses. Kelly Clay and her family own the Fruithurst General Store and Family Restaurant. Clay’s son was diagnosed with Leukemia several years ago.

Through this process, she’s discovered that when caring for someone who is sick financial hardships can arise. Clay and her siblings decided to raffle off their parents 10,000 square foot home in an effort to raise money to start a charity called, the “Childhood Cancer Fundraiser.”

For just $100 a ticket, you could win this three-story home that sits on more than three acres. In order for the raffle to be successful and effective, 2,000 tickets need to be sold. Clay says her son finished medical treatment last month and is doing well. She also says that although she will miss her parents home, being able to help families in need while also giving a family a home to live in, is what matters most.

If you are interested in buying a raffle ticket, visit the Fruithurst General Store and Family Restaurant in Cleburne County during regular business hours.


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