Bills Introduced to Increase Transparency and Accountability in Law Enforcement

A bill was recently passed statewide that will no longer allows Sheriff’s to use remaining prison food funds for personal use. Now, several new bills have been introduced for Etowah County Law Enforcement that will result in modest savings to taxpayers and bring accountability and transparency on how exactly leftover funds are to be used.

State Senator Andrew Jones worked closely with Etowah County Sheriff Jonathon Horton and the County Commission to draft those bills. One bill is to ensure that excess funds from inmate feeding will be held in a Sheriff’s Discretionary Fund. This fund can be used for law enforcement purposes, school resource officers, and the operation of the office of the Sheriff.

Another bill introduced would abolish the office of Constable in the county at the end of the current Constable’s term, held by Jerry Entriken. Jones also introduced a bill and partner constitutional amendment to remove the Sheriff’s Personnel Board, whose duties would revert back to the county’s. This would provide a more county oversight and result in modest savings to taxpayers.

The final bill would allow for the County Commission to provide an expense allowance for the Sheriff. The Commission would make necessary adjustments to the allowance as the prison population fluctuates.


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