Pinnacle Project Senior Showcase at Jacksonville High School

Students at a local high school are taking the steps necessary to ensure they have a solid career plan for the future. The Pinnacle Project is a yearlong process where students at Jacksonville High School are required to get hands-on experience in their career field choice. Students got the opportunity to job shadow veterinarians, film directors, physical therapist, and more.

Towards the end of the project, several seniors were invited to conduct interviews at businesses and industries looking to hire them right out of high school. The seniors have been preparing for this day since the beginning of the school year. Garrett McIntyre says today’s senior showcase displays everything they’ve learned about their career choices so far through the job shadowing process. Cameron Desmore is also a senior who was not entirely sure of what career path he wanted to choose until he got involved with the Pinnacle Project. Desmore shares how this project helped choose his career path. Teachers are confident that students who participated in this project will continue to work hard and strive to get into their preferred career fields.


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