Anniston Firefighters Help Preserve Artifacts from Old Fire Building

The Anniston Fire Department secured an important piece of history that will be preserved for years to come. The Anniston Fire Department was established as a volunteer fire department in 1883 before becoming a paid department in the early 1900s. Seth Bombard is a firefighter and the historian for the Anniston Department. Bombard’s job as a historian is to find and preserve more artifacts about the history of the Anniston Fire Department for the community.

At the old fire building on the corner of West Fourth Street and Pine Avenue in the Glenn Addie Community were concrete name plates of horses that were part of the Volunteer Hose Company number two. Bombard says the horses, Todd and Lewis, played a very important role assisting firefighters on a daily basis.

Lieutenant Cody Mangum, Sargent Brad Hall, and Firefighter Bombard all played a part in safely removing the plates for preservation by using saws, concrete cutting blades, and other tools. Bombard says he is working on finding the next piece of history.


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