Calhoun County EMA Introduces Safer Places Initiative

Calhoun County wants to implement more “Safer Places” in the area. But, in order for that to be successful, partners are needed. The “Safer Places” Initiative is for organizations that are willing to make their pre-designated facilities open to the public during times of severe weather.

Partnering organizations will be guided by the Calhoun County Emergency Management Agency to ensure their facility meets certain recommendations concerning public access onto the property, volunteer staffing, and more. The Safer Place facilities will not be rated at the FEMA safe room standard, but, they will be substantial structures that meet the minimum criteria and will be safer than being in a vehicle, manufactured home, or any other type of lightly constructed place. Barton says the steps are easy for organizations wanting to partner with “Safer Places” Initiative. To find out more information, visit the Calhoun County EMA’s website or Facebook page.


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