Future Educators' Signing Day at Piedmont High School

Hundreds of local high school seniors will soon be graduating and entering the next chapter of their lives this summer. A special group of seniors from Piedmont High School participated in a statewide initiative to help fill the teacher shortage by committing to be “A Future Teacher in Alabama.” 11 seniors from Piedmont High signed certificates pledging to take on the challenge of educating the future youth of Alabama.

This statewide initiative sponsored by the Alabama Department of Education, is an effort to promote a “Grow Our Own” culture in our schools. Tyler Farmer is Piedmont High School’s 2019 Valedictorian who participated in today’s signing. Farmer says teaching has always been his in his plans and he is excited for the opportunity to continue his education. Principal Adam Clemons says he hopes this celebration will create excitement for other students who are willing to step up and take on the challenge of becoming an educator in Alabama.


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