Living History Museum at White Plains Elementary

Three or four Governor Kay Iveys were at White Plains Elementary School today, along with Dr. Werner Von Braun, Mia Hamm, Chief Tuscaloosa, Andrew Jackson and other characters from the pages of an Alabama history book.

It’s called the Alabama Living History Museum, and it’s the work of fourth-grade teacher Wendy Turner. The idea is to spark the students’ interest in historical figures by having them make a close study of one person. Turner says her students enjoy this assignment each year, and the program attracts many parents who want to see the result of their children’s work.

Students chose a wide variety of people who had an impact of Alabama in many different ways. Avawenn Blom did her report on Mia Hamm, who was born in Selma. Fourth grader Hudson Ingalsbe selected rocket scientist Werner Von Braun as his subject.


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